Welcome to Samdalri (2023)

Welcome to Samdalri (2023)

Other name:웰컴투 삼달리 歡迎來到三達里 Welkeomtu Samdalri Добро пожаловать в Самдалри

Director: Cha Yeong Hoon [차영훈]

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Childhood, Drama, life, Romance


After losing his mother—who worked as a haenyeo (female diver who harvests sea life)—at a young age due to a mistaken weather report, Jo Yong Pil makes up his mind to become a weather forecaster and protect the elders of his hometown. However, his passion and refusal to let misinformation slide earns him a reputation at work as a stubborn troublemaker who isn’t afraid to argue with his boss. Jo Sam Dal, who grew up with Jo Yong Pil. Unlike Jo Yong Pil, content to remain in his hometown of Samdalri, Jo Sam Dal makes it her mission to get out of their small town and move to Seoul. After years of toiling away as an assistant in the fashion photography industry, Jo Sam Dal—who changes her name to Jo Eun Hye in Seoul—finally succeeds and makes it to the top. However, when everything she’s worked so hard to build comes crashing down in the blink of an eye, she returns to Samdalri, where people still know her as Sam Dal and not Eun Hye. Although Jo Yong Pil and Jo Sam Dal used to be joined at the hip when they were younger, the once inseparable friends are no longer in contact with one another due to an incident that drove them apart. When Jo Sam Dal returns to Samdalri, however, they find that the longtime affection they once had for one another comes rushing back. (Sources: Soompi) Episodes: 16
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